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It is quite likely that despite our best planning efforts, our workshop sessions may not match your free time or it could just be that you want a private training session for just you and maybe some friends or your team. Whichever one applies to your peculiar situation, we have you covered.

Please complete the form below so we know how best to serve you. Don't forget to hit the send button when you are done.

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Your phone number please
i. Physical private Individual sessions cost N25,000 (exclusive of VAT; approx $69.44) per person. ii. Private Individual sessions online cost N18,500 (exclusive of VAT approx $51.38) per person. iii. Physical team/ group sessions at our designated location cost N10,000 (exclusive of VAT; approx $27.78) per person. iv. Online team/ group sessions cost N7,500 (exclusive of VATl approx $20.83) per person. v. Physical team/ group sessions at your designated location will need seperate discussions. Please send us an email at the bottom of this form.
Whether online or offline, we teach our classes the same way using the same syllabus except that well, we can shake hands at the end of the class.
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