Up to Something: Wakafire + CapitalSquare.

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We think that before we go on, you should see the pictures below….

We would be teaming up with the good people at CapitalSquare this April to share how we create great pictures using just our mobile phone. Why should we teach you though?

  1. For a very long time, the myth held that to achieve really good photography on mobile, you needed to have a really high-end (we mean so expensive that it can pay your house-rent or buy your car) iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone. In the last 1 year, we have used a Huawei Honor 4c, Tecno Phantom 5, Tecno Camon C9, Lenovo Vibe S1 and an iPhone so it is safe to say we have debunked that myth.
  2. We have earned (and still earning) our bragging rights. Wakafire has created amazing photography for CapitalSquare, Genesis Hotels, Effizions Collections, Always me by Anne li, TimberWorks Nigeria, Lacoste, Hugo Boss to mention a few. Our street photography portfolio also has over 2000 pictures from over 200 locations in 3 states across Nigeria (Again, No. that was not a typo). So yeah, we know our onions.
  3. So we have debunked the myth, built a portfolio but are we making money? Two words: Yes and Yes.

The Wakafire Photography class (aka WPC 101) kicking off this April at CapitalSquare is a 2-hour class with limited seats. So what would we be teaching you?

  1. Getting started: Creativity OR skill? removing mindset roadblocks, recommended phones.
  2. Recommended apps for editing, watermarking.
  3. Photography skills + Class assessment.
  4. The Business side of phone photography.

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