We got invited to WFm 91.7!

So 6pm yesterday, we made our 5th visit to a radio station since Wakafire Photography was born. So far, we have been on Radio One, Cool FM, Liveway Radio and the TEF Podcasts.  



Our host for the evening Kiki was amazing throughout the show. Infact, it didnt feel like an hour had passed until the show had to come an end as we were busy answering questions from herself and the audience. See more pictures from the interview here:


How this store sold an extra 15 plates from one shot!

You know how we said that great pictures can improve social media engagements by over 650% and sales by a lot too? Well recently, we had another real life testimony to that. 

So our CEO had lunch at a cafe on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island and took an amazing shot of his meal. See the picture below. 


The meal.  

The meal.  

Then posted the picture on his whatsapp story. Instantly, lots of people were interested and making enquires about the meal and the address of the cafe. Here is one that stood out; 

 “We are getting lunch for 15 people from them tomorrow and Saturday” 

15 meals sold, just from one amazing shot. The following day, the cafe sent us a message; 

“It's pretty obvious we love your picture” 

What are you waiting for? Let Wakafire shoot for your business today. 

New Wakafire Merchandise- Picture Frames

We have expanded the Wakafire Merchandise offerings. In 2017, we launched the Wakafire Tee-shirts and moved things up a notch this year with the Wakafire Picture Frames. See samples below;

Beautiful with each shot created and edited using only a mobile phone spanning our street, abstract and nature photo collections, these frames would make your office/ home really beautiful. 

Prices start from $42.86 or NGN15,000 exclusive of delivery.  

How to order: please call 08178077270 or email