Frequently Asked Questions.


Do you do "test- shoots?

Unfortunately, no. We dont do test-shoots. However, we recommend a paid one-off shoot so that if it meets your expectations, then we can expand the contract to include other things.


How do you deliver images after a shoot?

All images are saved as JPEG files and delivered via Wetransfer, dropbox or google drive.


How do you deal with image copyrights?

Image copyright belongs to the client and are free to use the images anyhow they see fit but we may use the images for promotional purposes.


Refunds and Do-over Policy.

As much as possible, we do not encourage refunds and do-overs especially because a lot of resources go into one shoot and can be nearly impossible to estimate sometimes. However, in extreme situations as determined by our lawyers, we will refund only 35% of the initial amount less the cost of all equipment rental paid into our accounts. In the event that there is a retainer-ship and/or contract in place, we may have a do-over done at the next shoot.

However in the event of a refund, the client is NOT allowed to use any of the pictures from the shoot. Failure to heed to this could have legal implications.


Do you post images from the shoot to Wakafire social media platforms?

Yes we do. However we only post 1-2 images from the shoot after 2- 3 weeks of the shoot unless there is a document that states otherwise.